Granny Flats


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Granny Flats are used for many different purposes. Carlton Projects ensures the Granny Flat design serves the purpose you intend it for.

Granny Flats:

Since the New Affordable Housing SEPP was introduced in 2009, Granny Flats have become the most popular way for homeowners and investors to double their Return on Investment (ROI) with minimal outlay compared to other investment strategies.

The SEPP has allowed homeowners and investors to build a Granny Flat in their backyard without obtaining council approval if their application meets the minimum Complying Development guidelines set out. A Complying Development will be put through a Private Certifier. Carlton Projects will take care of putting together all application documents and submit them to a Private Certifier.

If your property doesn’t meet the guidelines, you can still apply for a Development Application (DA) which must be applied through your local council. Carlton Projects will also take care of all Development Applications by preparing all the necessary documentation and submitting them to your local council.


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See below site requirements as per The State Environmental Planning policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (SEPP 2009)
Lot Size: Minimum 450 square metres
Size of Granny Flat: Maximum 60 square metres

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